Company Rules:

1.  No more than 4 absences are allowed for the entire year in any of your dance classes. 
2.  Company dress code - black leotards, pink or flesh tights and black shorts or ballet skirts.                -HipHop Company - proper hiphop attire.
3.  Periodically throughout the year extra rehearsals become necessary.  (Dates and times of          these are sometimes on the weekends.)  When called upon, company members must be    present at ALL these rehearsals. 
​4.  Company members must be enrolled in at least one other Ballet and Jazz class at Terpsichore.      -HipHop Company members must be enrolled in a Hip-Hop and a Jazz class at Terpsichore.

5,  During the year, we expect to see positive attitudes, critique implementation & the start of    technical growth.  If the company teachers do not feel a dancer is able to keep up with the pace of  her current company level, during the June audition, the dancer will be re-evaluated for  consideration in another level or dropped the following year.

6.  If a dancer is sick or injured for 3-4 consecutive weeks, the right is reserved for the teacher to not add this dancer into any new choreography that is being taught those weeks.                                                                       

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As our studio grows and our dancers flourish, we are excited to welcome so many new faces to our Company. We offer five different Companys at Terpsichore. Senior Company, A Company, B Company and Hip-Hop Company.

The following is our plan for competition and recital dances: 





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