Company Rules: 
​1.  No more than 4 absences are allowed for the entire year in any of your dance classes. 

2.  Dress Code - No jeans or pajamas to be worn to class.
3.  Periodically throughout the year extra rehearsals become necessary.  (Dates and times of these are sometimes on the weekends.)  When called upon, company members must be present at ALL these rehearsals. 
​4.  Company members must be enrolled in at least one HipHop class and a Jazz class at Terpsichore.

Latest News

Competition weekend will take place on February 24th-26th 2017.  Please keep these dates flexible on your calendar.  The competition is held in Paramus, NJ.
Last year a few of our dances scored high enough to have the opportunity to enter a national competition.  Should our dances score well again this year, the national competition is held in Hershey, PA and will take place July 20th-24th.
Competition Fees:
Due to an increase by our competition host, fees have increased this year.  The following applicable fees will be posted to your account by the end of September and are due by October 10th:
Solos - $95.00/per dance
Duets/Trios - $50.00/per dancer
Groups - $39/per dancer/per dance

If any parents are interested in heading up a fundraising committee to help defer some of these costs, please speak to one of the Company teachers.

HipHop Company
This company will compete in February at the Encore DCS competition held in Paramus NJ. This company will perform at local events.
 ​Here is a link to the Encore DCS website for further competition information. We encourage ALL dancers to try to stay and give support to other dancers. We will post date and times as soon as they are available.
Dances to be performed at Competition

HipHop Company 2016/2017